About Us

Frank Sauro


Frank has developed supermarkets and shopping centers for more than 30 years. After graduating from Rutgers College and American University Law School, Frank practiced Real Estate Law and Land Use Law, representing developers.

Frank was General Counsel of Village Super Market, Inc. from 1988 to 2000 and Frank developed supermarkets for Village. Village operates 30 Shop Rite supermarkets in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New York. Village is a public company and has annual sales of more than $1.6 billion.

Annie Sauro


Annie grew up learning about commercial real estate from her father from a young age. ?After graduating with a degree in Finance from the University of Delaware, Annie embarked on her career in financial analytics while also working part-time at Sauro Development. ?

Annie took on a role as Vice President in 2018 to expand the company to Charlotte, North Carolina, where she currently lives with her husband.